Mini Coach Singapore Is Your Ideal Ride When You Are With a Group


Traveling in a group is often fun but if you are more than four it is best to reconsider getting a mini coach instead of a taxi when in Singapore. If you go beyond the minimum allowable number of passengers, you will then have to get another taxi meaning you will be paying for two taxis instead of one. That is double of what you have prepared for. The sad thing about getting 2 vehicles or taxi is the possibility that when you arrive at the destination, you will not anymore see your group since some drivers will allow you to alight in one point while the other will opt for another point. Often instead of enjoying the location, you will end up trying to find the lost member.

What does it entail if you opt for a mini coach?

Getting a platinum maxicab Singapore will mean that you will be intact. Wherever you want to alight you will all have each other. You will enter the tourist spot together and if someone is not feeling well, you have each other to help. Getting hungry on a tour is also common, so being together, whatever your needs are, you are sure that someone has something for the group.

Being in a group can have more savings aside from the ride.

When you are in a group, you will find that there are entrance tickets that give discounts to groups. Likewise, you only have to hire one driver and one tourist guide too. The food and snacks that you will be providing for both can be divided by many making each share lesser. When buying items for souvenirs you can easily get another discount too. It is more fun being many when touring and you will find that whatever happens each one will watch each other’s back.


Being in group provides a sense of camaraderie; that you cannot experience when being alone or just the two of you. It will also be nice to talk about your experiences together after since each one can share his moments too.

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